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Health Care Coverage

As you know, the way people apply for health care in Oregon is changing. Starting November 15, 2014, Cover Oregon will no longer accept new applications for health insurance.

Instead, the federal marketplace,, will provide Oregonians an automated application and enrollment process for both the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and private coverage.

Most Oregonians will be able to apply and enroll all in one sitting using the federal application. Applying through the automated process means that most people will receive an instant notification about the type of coverage they qualify for.

Most applicants should apply through, but not everyone. That's why there's Starting November 15, 2014 Oregonians who have situations that require special processing, such as pregnancy, Tribal memberships, and others should go to to answer a few questions and get directed to the best place for them to apply: either or directly through the Oregon Health Plan's online PDF or paper application.

When children and teens have health coverage, they are able to get the health care they need when they need it. That means they are less likely to miss school or end up seeking higher cost care in the emergency room. It also means their families don't have to choose between paying the utility bills or paying for needed visits or prescriptions. Expanding health coverage for children is an important step to lowering the price of health care for everyone. Providing health benefits to children is inexpensive compared to the cost of letting them remain uninsured, and creates economic benefit over a lifetime. The Community Education Department of the Oregon City School District is dedicated to making sure our families have access to quality health services parents can afford.

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