Jennings Lodge Campus 18521 SE River Road, Milwaukie, Oregon 97267 |  Phone: 503-785-8035  Fax: 503-654-9240

Candy Lane Campus 5901 SE Hull Ave., Milwaukie, Oregon 97267 | Phone: 503-785-8150  Fax: 503-654-2693

November 2018 Bond Proposal

Make critical safety and security improvements at every school in the district, invest in hands on learning/CTE facilities and replace an aging Gardiner Middle School and renovate Ogden Middle School. Learn more and share your input at

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The school counselor helps students, parents, and staff. She teaches guidance topics in the classroom, helps parents and teachers with student behavior issues, and acts as a liaison between school and community services. The counselor serves as a resource for both the Jennings Lodge and Candy Lane community. She works with students in small groups as well as teaching whole classes, and sees students individually.

Jennings Lodge/Candy Lane School Counselors 

Your school counselors are available to all students; please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your student.  We are here to assist your student in meeting their educational, personal, social, and career goals.


  Heidi Barz works at Jennings Lodge Elementary Monday through Friday (8-3:30). You can contact her by phone at (503)785-8035 x.2840 or by email at


 Liz Mogil works at Candy Lane Elementary Monday through Friday, (7:30-3:30).  You can contact her by phone at (503)785-8150 x.2218 or by email at 


 Monthly Counseling Lesson Themes 2017-2018

September:  Responsibility - learning to manage anger/feelings, make healthy choices, taking care of oneself

October:  Adaptability - flexible, able to adjust to different seetings/changes in routine, compliant, "go with the flow"

November:  Empathy - understanding others perspective, identify with another's feelings, ability to experience the feelings of others

December:  Generosity - helping others, putting others before him/herself, sharing with others

January:  Respectful - listening to others, treating others with compassion, valuing each person for who they are

February:  Perseverance - personal goal setting, future career awareness, doesn't give up/shut down when things are tough

March:  Courageous - willingness to face challenges, embracing difficult tasks, being brave

April:  Cooperation - working together with others to do something, doing what others ask of you

May:  Honesty and Integrity - being truthful, sincere, and trustworthy, doing the right thing when others aren't looking